Keeping your furry family members squeaky clean right in your driveway!

Meet Our Groomers


I’ve had a passion for animals from a very young age. As a kid, all I wanted to do was play with my families kittens. Anytime we visited someone with pets, you could find me wherever the pets were. As I grew, my passion grew also. I began pet sitting about 10 years ago and volunteering with feral cats about 5 years ago.

But, that wasn’t enough. I took a leap of faith to follow my dreams of working with animals full time and left my day job to attend Nanhall School of Professional Grooming. As a graduate I get to fulfill my dream of working with animals AND earn a living! I can’t imagine anything better! 




I knew I wanted to work in healthcare and that I wanted to help people.  In 2011 I passed my board exams and began working as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I loved my work and seeing functionality return to people. When COVID hit, my life changed. It became impossible to achieve a livable work/life balance, and I experienced major burnout.  Something had to give. My wife runs a business that she loves and noticed a need in the community for more groomers. We discussed expanding the business, and I made the decision to step down from my full-time position as a therapist. My love of animals and the desire to see them treated with the care they deserve, made it an easy transition. I grew up in a household with dogs and cats, and learned to ride horses at an early age. In college I studied animal anatomy which has been useful in learning grooming techniques! I am a graduate of Nanhall School of Professional Grooming in Greensboro, NC. Working with animals has helped me find a rewarding career and the happiness I was missing. I’m so excited to meet your pups and help keep them healthy and happy!


 I was raised on a farm, so there was always some type of animal to care for. Whether it was the neighborhood peacock, a family member’s horses, or our calves and pigs (amongst other species), they all were bright spots in each and every day!

I began doing pet care as a pre-teen, and have worked in almost every facet of the animal world to this date. While I loved different aspects of my time at the animal hospital and boarding facility and learned many things while shadowing a trainer, none felt fulfilling.

I found my niche here in Winston-Salem where I currently own a pet care business, Sasha & Co Pet Services! With the pet care services I provide, they are all private and I strive to make them as stress-free as possible. I aim to continue those same practices here with Whisker Wash Mobile Grooming, and I am very excited to meet your pets!